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Success comes most readily when people love what they're doing.  The hard part is finding something you love to do and people you love to do it with. CrossFit Wingman encompasses so many fitness concepts that it's really easy to fall in love with. We do a little of everything. And we do it in a way that helps you make progress quickly and consistently over the long haul. The environment at Wingman is both welcoming and friendly, the people here are truly great and the community is both supportive and encouraging. You won’t have to beg a friend to go to the gym with you… just show up to Wingman and they’re already here. If you love it and enjoy the people, the decision to come in and put in the hard work becomes an easy one because you want to be here. And that’s exactly how we want it to feel. CrossFit Wingman is unique in that we care about and give attention to everyone that walks through the door. Our coaches have experience in physical therapy, bioenvironmental engineering (how chemicals affect the body), and martial arts on top of experience with high-level athletics and strength and conditioning. We take time to answer questions when you have them and help you work through struggles if they ever arise. We also make things very simple for you by programming the workouts daily, all you have to do is walk through the doors. A coach guides everyone through the warmup, strength, skill work, and the workout of the day.

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Wingman's Wingmen

Wingman's Wingmen are the heart of finding your comfort zone in the gym.  These members have a great deal of experience and knowledge and are willing to pay it forward so that you can have a better experience when you first get started.  Much like CrossFit Wingman, this program and these people are one-of-a-kind.  

Our goal - To help make your first couple of weeks in CrossFit as "painless" as possible by pairing you up with experienced members who have "been there, done that" and can help you over that hill.  :)

Meet The The CrossFit Wingman Team

Zack Betta

(Head Coach)

Zack used to spend his time working as a good ole’ fashioned blue-collar guy.  He was an oil man, landscaped and trimmed trees.  After working 12-hour days he would head to the training center to teach fitness through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Zack spent another 4 hours each night helping local kids make better, more productive decisions with their time.  After having used CrossFit as a personal fitness method, he introduced others to it and saw amazing results. He went out for his coaching certification and left the blue-collar life for good; dedicating his life to becoming the best coach he could be so that he can best help people find health and happiness through fitness.  You will often find Zack having conversations with athletes before or after class discussing goals, aspirations, and assigning homework to help a person achieve them.  

Alice Efland


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paul taft


  • Registered Nurse
  • Crossfit Level 1 trainer 
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified 
  • Precision Medicine/ Genomics Health Coach Certification Education through WildHealth 

I think what I love most out of crossfit is the fact that anybody can do it, whether you are brand new to fitness or you are in peak shape. Everyone motivates each other. There's something special when you can get everyone in a room of all fitness levels and backgrounds to challenge themselves each and every day. That's where real progress is made. 

I believe my most notable accomplishment is actually taking the step to become a Coach because It opened a lot of other doors for me within my nursing career that would have never been there in the first place if I didn't decide to do what I love. Ive been able to achieve a lot through the sport of crossfit however, what will always be an accomplishment to me is getting the opportunity to help change people's lives for the better. 

The most important core values I believe in are to LIVE, to LOVE and to LEARN. I strive to live a life with purpose, a life that allows me to love my family and loved ones and take care of them and to continue a lifelong education.

The most Important advice to anyone beginning crossfit would be to play the long game. Whether you are interested in the sport of Crossfit or the ideology of crossfit we are all here to be healthy and do things outside of the gym that allow us to live our best life. Challenge yourself daily and remember not all progress is seen right away. Most importantly remember your WHY. I was 160 pounds in 5th grade, had asthma so bad I had to take nebulizer treatments everyday. Then I began to exercise, 5 Situps/ 5 Push Ups each day and built on that every week. I got hooked on feeling better. Fast forward to where I am now only have seasonal asthma and I can still remember how hard it was to breath some nights sitting on my bed after football practice doing a 30 minute Nebulizer treatment. I never want to feel that again. And even though my WHY has evolved since then It has pushed me to where I am today. Your WHY will always be there and it will show up when you want to give up. Stay the course and you will get what you need not only when you walk in those gym doors but in life. 

When not in the gym I Enjoy Paddleboarding/ fishing off the rocks and being on the beach. One day I would like to get a boat to pick up Ocean Fishing a bit more. I also Enjoy road biking on nice days and have a slight addiction to coffee and good food.

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