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"CrossFit has made my life so much more complete.  I never realized what I was missing until I became part of a CrossFit family.  I gained confidence, strength, determination, endurance, and a second family. My wingmen help pick me up when I have a bad day, and have helped keep me on track to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish.  We've shared laughter and tears.  We sweat together, motivate and encourage each other.  The change i see in my body and attitude are the result of my hard work and determination as well as the help and support of my CrossFit family. " 

Richelle K.

"Having been overweight all my life, I decided to make a change after seeing pics at my brothers wedding. I completely changed my eating habits and started exercising. I enrolled at umass and graduated with a in nutrition/dietetics/premed. For 6 years I have kept the weight off and continue to do so.  I believe that i still have work to do and I appreciate all the athletes that inspire and push me everyday at CrossFit Wingman."

gina r.

"I used to be extremely self-conscious, so much that I would use food as my comfort while managing depression and anxiety with medication. I have much more respect and love for my body now. And I am much stronger mentally and physically. I'm grateful to be surrounded by the loving and encouraging Wingman community."

Jacqueline w.

"For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable with my body.  More importantly, I feel healthy and strong.  I think that is the most important part, to be healthy and strong in both body and mind.  Through proper coaching with exercise and nutrition I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible.  And every day I am amazed at just how much more I can do with the support of the community around me."

John D.

"I haven't found a workout program that is as intense and competitive as CrossFit, which to me has always provided the best results. I am stronger, faster, and fitter than I was before I started. The coaches at Crossfit wingman have helped me improve on every component of my fitness. They take a personal approach and challenge me every day. The community is the most supportive I've ever been a part of. I'm proud to call myself a Wingman."

Jon O.

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