Levels and Fundamentals

Opening day has come and gone! What an amazing day, and weekend! Thank you so much.  We're excited to get started with each of you and looking forward to getting to know you. 

If you're new to CrossFit and wondering where to get started, the Foundations class is where it all begins.   Our next foundations class will be this Saturday, December 20th at 1015.  Meet up with Tom or Aaron after the general class is over at 10.  

Foundations is designed to help you become familiar with movement concepts and coaching in CrossFit, and get to know the coaches.  It gives us an opportunity to work with you closely when it's most important, your first day.  

For anyone that has signed up and has not attended a Foundations course, do not despair.  We know you're eager to start.  You may attend classes right now as a level I participant.  

Please Register for the Foundations course at the following link to let us know you are coming.



**Level III, II, and I ... What's the deal?**

We have chosen to program specific levels into the programming to allow a degree of choice and self-awareness with every workout.  Every single one of us begins at Level I.   Depending on your goals, you may stick with level I to maintain general health and fitness or you will use Level I to progress toward level II.  

Level I
Level I movements are foundational in nature
Level I is designed to maintain general health and fitness and provide progression toward level II for anyone just getting into CrossFit.  

Level II
Level II is general CrossFit Programming.  Level II will, over time, develop and maintain an elite level of fitness and health.

Level III
Level III is designed for the experienced competitive CrossFitter.  This is the person using CrossFit as a sport.  The programming will introduce more advanced skills, heavier weights, and higher volumes, all of the things necessary to perform well in a weekend long competition.  

"Competitor Homework"
Competitors have a special need. They need to be able to perform at a really high level, typically through 4 - 8 workouts in 1-2 days.  For this reason time outside of class is necessary in order to perform extra work and beat down some weaknesses.
Any experienced CrossFitter can jump in and do some of the "homework."  Please talk to a coach first about how to add this volume in a smart way if you haven't been doing it previously.  

***Which level should I choose on any given day?**

If you're new,  please choose Level I. As you become more experienced, discuss level II with your coach.  

Experienced Athletes:  It is up to you to look at the board and make a value judgement about what level you believe you should be performing for the day.  The goal in most of the conditioning workouts is to keep you moving, so please keep that in mind.  On a day where you feel really well rested and ready to go, you might go up a level.  Similarly, on a day you feel run down or stressed, it might make sense to go down a level or just "jog" through the workout.  If ever you have a question about what level you should perform, ask a coach, we're here to help.


Happy CrossFitting!!!

-CrossFit Wingman


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