Pain Free Performance Seminar

Who: Dr. Roger with MOVE Athletics
Pain Free Performance Seminar: Shoulder Health Workshop
CrossFit Wingman
August 14th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Why: ‘Cause we all want to do what we love, pain free
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More About the Seminar and Dr. Roger:

We will be hosting a squat performance seminar by Physical Therapist and CrossFitter, Dr. Roger St. Onge. We are bringing this seminar to you to increase your knowledge of how to perform basic maintenance on yourselves to keep you active, healthy, and doing the things you love without pain. During the seminar Dr. Roger will cover why hip and ankle mobility are important, how it can limit movements such as squatting, and lead to unnecessary injuries to and pain the back, knees, and other areas. This will be a movement based seminar, so don’t worry about being lectured to death! He is going to cover the necessary background stuff and then jump right into showing you multiple ways to improve your ability to easily squat in a better position. The seminar will last roughly one hour, followed by a Q&A session. Each attendee will also recieve a follow up email with links to videos of each exercise shown during the seminar for future reference. 

Dr. Roger has an extensive education that extends past his doctorate, to include the Norwegian Kaltenborn-Evejnth Orthopedic Manual Therapist (OMT), Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapists (FAAOMPT), Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Certified, trained in integrative dry needling, Champion Performance Specialist, and CF-L1. Dr. Roger also has a background in competing in and coaching CrossFit. He first got his level 1 while active duty in the USMC, and competed on a team at the regional level for multiple years. 

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