The Wingman Foundation

"Never Leave A Wingman Behind"

The focus of the wingman foundation is to be the community action and charitable arm of CrossFit Wingman.  It is our belief that all children and teenagers should learn about health, wellness, fitness, and sport when they are young so that it may lead to a life long enjoyment of good health.  The current goal of the foundation is to provide 15-20 teenagers with a one week camp in the summer.  Five 3-4 hour classes with skills, drills, lecture, and workouts.  

Lectures to include:

Nutrition For Health and Performance

Body Mechanics & Injury Prevention

Interrelation of Health, Fitness, & Sport

Mindfullness, Motivation, and the Building Mindset for Success


We will be supporting this week with donations and profits fro the sale of Wingman Smooth Brew Coffee @ CrossFit Wingman.  If you are a member, you may purchase in house.  If you are not a member, PLEASE make your first coffee purchase here: CLICK HERE


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