THERE IS NO ROOM FOR REGRET.  Make decisions that support your health and happiness.   And when you make mistakes, learn from it and use it to help make better choices next time.  



If you’re the type of person that eats whatever you want and feels great about it… then this post will only serve to assist in your compassion for what someone else might be doing… or going through in order to get through the Holidays.  Enjoy your holiday and help support those who might be heckled for trying to make better choices for themselves at the party.  


If you have a nutrition plan and you’re working toward achieving specific goals, then the most important thing you can do is separate the goal of the party from the food at the party.  For example: Thanksgiving is always full of many delicious foods and desserts but the main goal of Thanksgiving in today’s world is to get together with family and/or friends and be thankful for all that you have.  In this situation you would focus on enjoying the spirit of the event and make the foods fit your nutrition plan. Before you get to the party, have a plan for the food you know and enjoy.  It also helps to have a few quippy responses for the family members who always act surprised that someone at the party would dare to eat for a purpose.  


If you’re happy, healthy, and loosely following a nutrition plan or general rhythm with your nutrition, then the ballgame is a lot more fun.  You have enormous room for error and a lot of room for choice.  Do you want to go off the rails for a party or two… or three??? Or do you want to play it close to the vest cause you’re not really feeling the holiday binge?  Good news, it’s entirely up to you !!!   If you decide to binge… here’s a very simple way to deal with the aftermath if you wake up bloated and holding on to a few extra pounds that you aren’t happy about - eat super clean and a little lighter than normal for a couple days after the binge.  No, it’s not a punishment.  It’s simply accounting for all of the extra food at the party and allowing your body to burn up some of the stored energy.  


It’s understandable that there can be a lot of anxiety around holiday parties and eating.  It’s also very common to accept the one-off comments by others about the way we eat at parties as attacks or insults.  Always remember that you have complete control over that reaction.  If someone ever has something snide to say about the way you choose to eat at a party, it’s not about you.  It’s an opportunity to make a connection, and potentially even educate if they’re listening.  


For those who have a lot of anxiety around the holidays and struggle with eating.  You don't need my permission or that of anyone else to feel this way... but you have it.  It's ok to have anxiety.  To be scared.  Afraid to make the mistakes you believe you have made in the past.  Afraid to be seen by your friends and family and judged on the way you look despite trying so hard.  Afraid you don't yet meet your own expectations or haven't made "enough" progress.  Afraid that you'll be stressed out by just being around these people and you'll resort to food in order to calm those nerves and "escape."  The only real negative to all of these feelings is the way they make us isolate ourselves.  The way they make us double down on our coping mechanisms... often food.  As best you can, resist the urge to isolate... find someone you can lean on.  Someone you know that understands and can appreciate what you're going through.  Someone who you might be able to text from the party when you're staring down the food you know you're eating for the wrong reason.  It's helpful to phone a friend.  It's also helpful to plan for the stress and anxiety when you know that's a thing for you.  Work with it, not against it.  This stuff doesn't just disappear cause you want it to.  It disappears after a few successful bouts of managing it.  I say bouts... cuz you're basically Rocky going into battle.  Prepare, plan, execute.... you got this.  :)


It is 100% possible to manage the holiday feasts in a way that supports your happiness and health.    


And from all of us at Wingman.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!! 



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