TRY !!

Whether it’s scaled or rx’d, a strength of yours or a weakness, try really hard to do the best you can possibly do in the moment.  And if you’re faced with something you’ve never done before, it is better to have tried and missed the mark than never to have tried at all. It is actually the effort that counts, and the effort that brings results.   


Stay Consistent With Your Habits

There is a tendency for athletes to try new things to gain an edge in competition.  This has more potential to backfire than anything else.  Take your good habits from training and stick with them.  Now is not the time for new tricks, unless you like being a mad scientist and going for broke….. then have at it.  And if the wheels fall off, you'll know why.    



Focus On Things That Really Move The Needle

If you must try something new, let it be a focus on recovery.  More than anything else, feeling good and being well recovered going into a workout will allow you to outperform your wildest expectations.

How: get that extra hour of sleep you always miss, kick yourself out of that calorie deficit for a couple days leading into the wod, replace one wod per week with a full out recovery session; foam rolling, self-massage, muscle rubs, sauna, hot tub, epsom soaks, sensory deprivation floats, technique work with tiny weights…. etc. etc.  



Put On A Happy Face

You’ll perform better, and you’ll make other people happy, and then they’ll perform better.  And even if you don’t perform “better,” everyone’s happy anyway so it’s a win/win.  SMILE !!!!



Energy is contagious, we all need it… and we all have it to give.  Ever wonder why people can do things they never thought they could with a group of people supporting them???? Send good vibes to others and feed off of them when you need it most.  Lift each other up by being a good Wingman :)



Have FUN

Ever go to the beach while you were mad??  It’s no fun, and it’s just not the same experience.  Get out of your head, let loose a little bit, toss a quick shimmy of the hips into your resting moment during the wod, crack a few jokes and open a bottle of wine when you’re done.  Isn’t that what we’re here for? Fun, Fitness, and Health….. in that order.  



Learn Something

The OPEN will have you doing things you never wanted to do, never thought you could do, and never want to do again… until tomorrow.  And if you listen to your body when you’re going through all of that it can tell you an awful lot about yourself.  You might find out you had strength in places you never knew existed.  Or that you have opportunities to grow in places you hadn’t thought of.  Take the time to learn something productive about yourself and you can automatically count this as a win.  


When all is said and done - If you learn something new about yourself while having fun, supporting others, and you laid it out there during the work after spending more of your week feeling refreshed and recovered... it's a giant WIN !! 


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