12 Minutes to a heavy:

3-rep Power Clean & Push Jerk


take 15 - 25% off the bar and perform all of the following with the same bar:


5 Shoulder to Overhead

10 Pullups 

Rest Minute 5:00-8:00

AMRAP 7 Min (Min 8-15)

3 Deadlifts

5 Hang Power Cleans

7 Burpees Over the Bar

20 yd Side Shuffle (10 left/10 right)


Level III

Chest 2 Bar Pullups

Level II

..as Rx'd

Level I

Ring Rows


Competitor's HW: 

4 Sets, alternating, rest as needed between sets. 

1a) ME Deficit Strict HSPU (45's and an abmat) + ME(-2) Kipping HSPU

1b) 20 Unbroken Wallballs


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