20 Minutes to Alternate between: 

A) Back Squat, find a heavy 3 rep


B) 5 sets of 10 Hanging V-Extension (Kip/MU Progression)

     **false grip hold


Wingman WOD

12 Minute AMRAP In teams of 2:

One Partner performs:

40 yd Sled Push (180/90, plus the sled)

while the second partner performs:


6 Ball Slams, alternating sides 50/40

12 Slam Ball Squats

Score is round/reps with the slam ball.  

*sled may be prowler or speed sled (wear harness around waist, not shoulders)

Level III

Squat 6x2 @ 75%

*only do this if you are following the comp homework squats, friday will be a 6x6.

If you dare:

substitute pistols holding a slam ball for the squats.  :)

Level II

...as Rx'd

Level I

Sled Push/speed sled @ 90/45

Slam Ball @40/30/20


Competitor HW:

3 Rds:

Row 500 m @ 85-90%

7 Snatch @ 135/95

20 UB DU

Rest 90 seconds


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