"Proprioception Week" -

Developing self awareness with regard to body movement and strength in movement. 

We will be focusing a lot this week on quality of movement and developing an awareness of good positions with lower weights during the strength/skill work.  This will coincide with a deload, a period of time where we don't approach our limits with heavy weights.  The goal for the week will be to allow our systems to recover a little extra while improving movement patterns.   

We will be "benchmarking" over the course of the following week to give ourselves base level strength and performance numbers to later compare against.  


15 Minutes of Work: 

3- Position Squat Snatch with a 3 count pause at the bottom of the squat (hi-hang, above the knee, below the knee)  @ 50 - 60%

*focus on sweeping the bar into the hip and developing a feel for the bar popping overhead.   

*take time between lifts to reflect on the way the lift feels and any alterations that you believe may make it feel better for you.   


For Time: 

3 Rds

10 Front Squats @ 115/75

40 yd Burpee Broad Jump


3 Rds

16 Air Squats

10 Toes to Bar 


Level I

3-pos Squat Snatch = power snatch, then ride the bar down into an OH Squat to your end range of motion, pause a moment, ensure good positioning, then come straight up from that point.

Front squats @ empty bar

Toes to Bar = beat swing with toes as high as possible.   

Level II & III

...as Rx'd 


Competitor Homework

Work up to: 

1 rep Snatch (from floor) no greater than 80%


EMOM for 5 Minutes:

7 T&G Power Snatch @ the lessor of 50% (1rm) or 115/95




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