EMOM for 14 Minutes

Odd:  Clean & Jerk Complex (hi hang, above the knee, below the knee)

*work @ 40-45% of 1RM.  Do not add weight, focus on making the movement feel as good as possible 


1-3 = ME L-Sit Hold (30 second cap)

3-7 = 10 Pushups, strict


3 Rds For Time (12 Min Cap):

10 Cluster @ 95/65

12 Pistols 

14 Pullups



Level I

Ring Support = Plank or Plank on Rings

10 Thruster @ 65/empty bar

12 Walking Lunges

14 Ring Rows

Level II

…as Rx’d

Level III

Pushups = 8 HSPU, strict

WOD as Rx’d


Competitor HW: 

15 Minutes of goat work

* choose a goat and work on technique


Kristen working on her handstand position. 

Kristen working on her handstand position. 


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