Back Squat

-25 minutes to work up to a heavy set of 5 reps for the day. 

*not a maximal set



4 Rds For Time:

30 second HS Hold

10 Pushups

10 One Step Jump to target @ 15-30" above reach

* choose a height that is challenging for you Use a ring or wallball target, etc, get creative... Soft landings!!!

Level I

 Pair Up to spot for each other

Back Squat, moderate set of 5

3 Wall walk, or 30 sec strict press hold, your choice

Ring Pushups, or pushups to a bench

Jump To Target is the same  


Level II

... As Rx'd

Level III

If you have been or plan to follow the competitor squat, then 6x2 @ 75%.  If not, then Level II


... As Rx'd


Competitor Homework: 

Pacing practice:  

3 rds

Row 500m  

5 Power Clean @ 185/135

Rest 1:1

*all 3 rds should be within 5 seconds, and the last round should feel almost 100%.









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