With a Partner:

10 Minutes

Partner Farmer's Carry

**technique and to find your starting weight for the WOD


E(other)MOM For 20 minutes:

20 yd Partner Farmer's Carry

20 yd Banded Sprint, each partner

20 yd Partner Farmer's Carry

** each rd is "as fast as possible," score is total working time/weight moved. 

** weight may increase with rds if desired, however Form may not be sacrificed for load.  


Level I

Black/Purple banded sprint


Level II

Purple/Green banded sprint


Level III

Green Banded Sprint


Competitor's Homework: 

15 Minutes each: 

1: work up to a heavy Squat Snatch for the day

2: work up to a heavy Squat Clean & Jerk for the day


Reverse Hyper (recovery)

4 sets of 10 @ 110/65


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