Partner/Team WOD
40 Pistols per person
4 Rope Climbs per person
30 Box Jumps per person
3 Rope Climbs per person
20 Overhead Squats 95/65 per person
2 Rope Climbs per person
10 Air Squats per person
1 Rope Climb per person

L1: OHS at 55/35

L3: OHS at 135/95

Determine the total amount of reps you have to do as a team and break them up as you like. Only one person working at a time.


If you have a team of three the WOD would look like so:

120 Pistols
12 Rope Climbs
90 Box Jumps
9 Rope Climbs
60 Overhead Squats 95/65
6 Rope Climbs
30 Air Squats
3 Rope Climbs

Each movement must be completed before moving onto the next, however, you can break up the reps however you like.


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