Wingmen, we have moved into our conditioning bias phase of programming for the year.  Many of you will continue to experience strength gains however the focus of our work will be on handling higher volume of sub maximal weight and the ability to move those weights repeatedly.  


Christmas Schedule:

Xmas Eve - 9AM "12 Days Of Christmas"
Xmas Day - No Classes
Back to regular schedule on 12/26


Front Squat

3 x 5 @ 50%
1 x 20 UB @ 40-45% as fast as possible

For Time:
3 Rds
20 Wallball @ 20/14
40 yd OH Walk with Ball
100 Double Unders

Wallball @ 14/10
200 Single Unders

15 Wallball @ 40/20
200 Double Unders

**L3 Wallballs @40 will be done against the wall.  NOT to a rig target. 




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