Back Squats
4x6 Across starting at 65% of 1RM Back Squat
5-10lb increase each week



10min EMOM
4 Handstand Push-ups
4 Toes to Bar
4 Alternating Pistols

L3: 6 reps each instead of 4

If you lose the EMOM pace it turns into a 10min AMRAP


Comp HW

3 Rounds (Not for time)
10 Dips
30s isometric back extension

For Time: 30 Burpee Muscle-ups


Incase any of you were wondering, we're maxing out next week on our lifts. Here's how the schedule is laid out:

Monday: 1RM Clean&Jerk
Tuesday: 1RM Front Squat
Wednesday: Light Skill Work
Thursday: 1RM Snatch
Friday: 1RM Back Squat
Saturday: Team WOD (no strength)
Sunday: 1RM Deadlift


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