Pair up and time each other:

10 Rds

Sprint 40 yds

Rest at least 1 minute

**each effort is at 100% and your score is only the time of the best effort.  


1 Rep Max Deadlift

All levels are equal today.

Anyone with difficulty running may do sprints on the rower, 100m or the airdyne, 15 seconds max effort. (Airdyne prefered to reduce interference with deadlift)

Anyone with a prior history of lumbar instability or injury, please use the sumo deadlift for the 1 rep max. 


Competitor HW

Not For Time: 

3 Rds

20 yd HS Walk (10 down/10 back, attempt the turn)

10 One Arm KB OH Squat @ 53/35 (5 right/5 left)


Just hanging out with some weight overhead.  No big deal.   


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