Technique Work

Turkish Get-Up, both sides. 

***Work up to a working weight for the wod: 

***This movement is all about body control and stability!!!


"Grind It Out"

For Time, in pairs of 2:

Sled Push, 800m

*choose your own weight As a team and stick with it.  No more than 135/90 lbs may be loaded. You may spin the sled to stay on high handles.  

**switch the working partner at will. Perform 4 Turkish Getups every time you switch the working athlete (2R/2L)

Level I - 25/15# getup

Level II - 45/25# getup

Level III - 55/35# getup

Showing the morning classes a little ❤️ 

Showing the morning classes a little ❤️ 


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