5 Minutes of Instruction and empty bar work,

then 12 Minutes to work to a heavy:

3 Rep Snatch Pull To Knee with a 3 count pause at knee


5 Rds, each round for time:
Run the inside of a 10 yd square, Right and Left
Tag the next teammate upon completion of the square.
-then immediately-
20 Unbroken Wallballs @ 20/14
Rest at least 1 minute between efforts

**start at one cone, go all the way around the square, stop and go back around the inside.  cut hard at each corner, no rounding.  

Level I
Wallballs @ 14/10, focus on form and technique.  

Level II
...as Rx'd

Level III
Wallball @ 30/20 
Men:  Find a spot that is about 12' and throw 20# to that. 
Ladies: 14# ball to the 10' target

Comp HW

1) Work up to a Single Hang Snatch @ 80%, no more

2) 10-15 Minutes of Mobility Work on any area that is currently restricted. 


How much fun was that wod today!!? 

How much fun was that wod today!!? 


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