Every 90 seconds for 18 Minutes:

Odd*: 3 Weighted Pull-up

Even**: 2 Front Squat + 3 Back Squat, ascending

*Level III:  work up to a weight that is heavy but not maximal. No Fails!!!

**start at 50% front squat, build from there.  Level III - perform 50% across with aggression out of the hole.  


4 Rds For Time:

5 Thrusters @ 135/95

10 Burpees over the bar

Rest 30 seconds


Level I

Thruster with a bar that feels heavy and still allows good technique.

Level II & III

...as Rx'd 


Comp HW  

3 Rds, each for time:

30 sec ME Assault Bike

30 Double Under

Rest 1:1



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