Find your 1 Rep Max:

Squat Clean



With a Partner and a running clock:

Minute 1&3:

Partner A - Max Effort Kettlebell Swing @ 53/35

Partner B - ME Box Jump 24/20 

(step-up or down Ok)

Minute 2&4:

Partners switch places 


Minutes 5-8 (4:00-8:00)


40 yd relay, carrying a 45/25# plate overhead.  (10 air squat penalty for both partners if the plate touches the ground)


Minutes 9-12 (8:00-12:00)


Step Up to Box @ 20" , holding Kettlebell

*partners may divide the work however they like. 

Score is : total reps/total relays



Level I 

KB @ 35/25/15

Level II Rx'd

Level III

70/53 (watch out for those step-ups)



Work up to a heavy:

10 rep OH Squat


Amazing form being displayed by a new Wingman athlete. Better Every Day!!! 


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