It's just another typical snowy Monday morning.   We are going to be closing for all morning classes due to the snow.  If you have the day off, please come in for open gym from 11-1.  All evening classes are as scheduled until further notice.  Please keep an eye out on the Facebook page for information.   

EMOM for 10 min
Odd: 7 Hang Power Snatch @ 60% 1RM (snatch).  
Even: 20 yd Duck Walk 

5 Rds For Time:
100 yd Shuttle run (begins at comp rig)
7 Front Squat @ 50% 1RM 
100 yd Shuttle run (begins at wingman rig)
10 Toes to Bar

Level I
Hang Power Snatch with empty bar
Walking Lunges
Front Squat with empty bar
Toes to Bar = toes to rig while lying down.  

Level II & III Rx'd

Competitor HW
1) 1 rep Back Squat up to 80% 
2) For Time: 50 Chest 2 Bar Pullups



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