Castro posts a picture of pistols and a broken jump rope, we respond:

5 Minutes of Double Under Technique Work/Discussion: 
**no more than 4 UB Double Unders during this time

5 Minutes of Pistol Work/Progression/discussion:
**Focus during this time is reps as perfect as possible, whether it be an appropriate scale or the full rep.  


Every Minute On The Minute for 10 Min
Even: 10 Pistols
Odd: 40 Double Unders OR 30 seconds Double Under Practice


2 Rds For Time: (15Min Cap)
50 KB Swings (you choose the weight, suggest moderately heavy)
50 Situps

Level I
30 Situps

Level II
... as Rx'd

Level III
30 Toes to Bar
(if your hands are beat up from the open, just do the sit-ups)

Competitor HW:
1) 15 Minutes to work on a New Skill
2) 15 Minutes of Mobility/Recovery
****at least 1 drill for each leg, the spine, and each shoulder



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