Skill/Strength Work
12 Minutes to find a heavy: 
3 Rep Weighted Pullup

5 Minutes of
Muscle Up Transition Drills to support (no ring dip performed)
ie. ring row style pull through, L-sit on floor pull through, Banded pull through


EMOM for 15 Minutes
Min 1: 20 Pushups
Min 2: 12 Burpees, as fast as possible 
Min 3: 40 yd Sled Sprint (you choose the weight)

***Everyone finishes the workout by performing 1 Perfect Wallball :P
Score = Level performed/weight on sled/modifications

Level I
Min 1: 30 seconds ME Pushups
Min 2: 30 seconds ME Burpees 
Min 3: 40 yd Sled Sprint (you choose the weight)

Level II Rx'd
Level III
Min 1&4: Pushups 
Min 7&10: 15 Ring dips
Min 13: 12 HSPU

Comp HW
1) 15 Minutes of work on a brand new skill
2) 15 Minutes of mobility

"The Bear" 

"The Bear" 


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