15 Minutes to find a heavy:

10 rep Front Squat
*Level ii & iii begin from the ground

**aim for a few more lbs than last time. 




6 Rds For Time: (with a partner)

10 Deadlift @ bar from front squat

20 Pushup

30 Air Squat

40 Lateral Jumps Over The Bar
** one partner works while the other holds one kettlebell @ 70/55 with one hand in any position except on the shoulder


Level I

Use appropriate scale for the pushups

25-45 lb kettlebell

Level II & III

.. As Rx'd


Competitor HW

1) EMOM for 10 minutes

    1 MU + 2 Skin the Cat + 3 Toes to Ring

2) take your time to Work up to a heavy squat snatch single for the day. 

"Meggings and V-necks" killing 15.2

"Meggings and V-necks" killing 15.2


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