Quick Reminder:

WINGMAN BONFIRE, Saturday Evening!!!

**if you have 't heard and you would like to come, check the board for details.


EMOM for 20 Min

1) ME rope climbs

2) 60 yd Med Ball Carry (run) @ you choose the weight. 

Level I 

Pull to standing 

Level II

As Rx'd, jump not allowed.

Level III

Legless rope climb, jump allowed




1 Moderate set of:

20 OH Squats

- work up in sets of 3-5 to a weight that feels relatively easy, then go for a 20 rep OH squat.  Fight for quality and cleanliness. 

Level I -  use an empty training bar and fight for 20 total reps as good as possible, not unbroken.  

Do not fight for a heavy oh squat through 20 reps, you will have more shots at this one, just complete one solid set as good as possible with a moderate weight.  Most likely, 45-50% of your 1 rep max.  




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