18 Minutes 

Work to a heavy complex:

5 Clean Pull

3 Hang Power Clean

1 Jerk, Any Kind

Level I- glide the clean down as far into the squat as possible with good technique. 




With a partner, working together the entire time, and with the wallball between you:

12 Minute AMRAP

50 Plank High 5's from elbows

100 Wallball Partner Situps

50 Walking Lunges (10 forward, 10 reverse, partners facing each other)

**Choose your wallball.  The high 5 will be over the wallball. The wallball will be passed back and forth between partners during situps. The wallball will be held, outstretched between partners during the walking lunges. 

Level I - walking lunges may he performed as an elongated and exaggerated step. 

Level 2&3 - as Rx'd 



Comp HW:

1) Work to a heavy 1 rep Snatch 

2) work to a heavy 1 rep Clean

*both from the floor.  Train without distress.  No psychups for a lift. If you need one, then it shouldn't be done today.   Leave the adrenaline out of it. :)


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