15 Minutes to find a Heavy:

3 Front Squat + 2 Back Squat
**the weight for this lift should be close to a 3 rep max front squat.
Level  I - 5 rep front squat




WOD (20 min cap)

10 - Box Jump over, 36/30"
30 burpees
20 - Box Jump over, 30/24"
20 burpees
30 - Box Jump over, 24/20"
10 burpees
40 - Box Jump over, 20/(stack of 4 45's)"


Level I

**perform half the number of box jump overs. 

**step-up step down allowed.  (this includes, setting up a stack of plates as an in-between step for the highest boxes. 

Level 2
** step up allowed, step down is not allowed... absorb the impact for a soft landing, focus on full foot contact on the way down. 

Level 3
Jump up, jump down... Focus on impact absorption and full foot contact on the way down.  No rebounding. 


Competitor HW


4-6 muscle ups

** choose a number of muscleups to perform, and go as many minutes as you can successfully hitting that number.  

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