Alternating Tabata 

Odd rd: Hollow rock

Even Rd:  Ring Row

**perform a total of 16 rds, 20 sec on/10 sec off, alternating between the two movements. 

**score = lowest rep # in any given rd

Level I - use appropriate foot placement for the rings and perform hollow hold (1 sec = 1)

Level 3 - horizontal ring row




For Time:

50 KB Walking Lunges @ 55/35

40 KB Swing 

30 Jumping Squats

20 Thrusters (10 each arm)

Rest 3 Minutes

20 Thrusters, (10 each arm)

30 Jumping Squats

40 KB Swing

50 KB Walking Lunge



Level I

Choose a kettlebell that will be comfortable for all movement. 

Level 2 

As Rx'd

Level 3 

Walking lunges will be performed with the KB OH.  25 with the KB in each arm.

Bro sesh... Plus one "bra" 

Bro sesh... Plus one "bra" 


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