Quick Announcement:  It's just about time to test some new maxes, so get ready and prepare to set some new records... A.K.A.  Eat all the food and sleep all the sleep this week :) 

Every Other Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes:
5 Front Squats with a 3 second pause at the bottom
**weight should be about 50-60% of max, explode up from the bottom.  


Wingman Relay:
5 Rds, each round for time:
40 yd OH walking Lunge with plate 45/25
40 yd sled Push @ 135/70 (high handle only)
1 Rope Climb

**Teammate 1 begins with lunges. Upon completion of the lunges, hands the weight to the next teammate and they begin immediately.  

Level I - may hold the plate out in front of chest, rope pull to standing, 3 times
Level II - as Rx'd
Level III - no jump for the ropes.  

Comp HW:
1) Work up to a heavy Snatch Balance
2) 3x10 Glute Ham Raise on GHD

Look at that extension!!!!! 

Look at that extension!!!!! 


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