This was a week of new personal records for so many people.  It was amazing watching you get upside down for the first handstands of your lives and others breaking through physical and mental barriers to put more weight over your head than ever before.  We are so proud to be your coaches.  

24 Minute AMRAP with a partner:

15 Russian KB Swings @ 55/35
10 yd KB Walking Lunges @ 55/35

** One partner works while the other rests; partners do not have to use the same kettlebell. 

Level 1 - Use an appropriate Kettlebell for approximately 12 minutes worth of work.  
Level 2 - as Rx'd

Level 3 - KB Overhead during walking lunges.  


Competitive HW:

1) 5x3 Back Squat @ 50% with 3 second pause at the bottom explode without a bounce on the way up. Rest 2 minutes between sets.



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