Deadlifting Seminar at 6pm, register online (40 person cap)

The 645 class will be canceled in favor of the deadlifting class.  The 530 class will still be a go, however, it will be abbreviated to allow for the deadlifting class.  


Alternate between movements: (Rest 90 sec between them)
A) Split Jerk 3@60- 3@70- 2@80- 1@90- 1@95- "PR Attempt(s)"
B) 5 sets x 100m Farmer's Carry 

After 5 sets of Farmer's Carry, only perform the Split Jerk, resting approximately 3 minutes between lifts.  
**There is no limit to successful PR attempts, however you may not fail more than 2 times.  
Level 1:  Split Jerk 5x5, building.  If technique is solid, go for a heavy single.  


Comp HW:
1) 3x10 each side - KB OH Squat, AHAP

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