Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Minutes: 
Alternate between A) and B)

A) 15 yd Side Shuffle, pivot and sprint back to the start.  
**alternate right shuffle and left shuffle
B) 6 Strict Pullups performed as fast as possible.

Level 1 - Strict Ring Row at a challenging level


For Time : (12 Minute Cap)

5 Rds
12 Deadlift @ 60% of 1RM Power Clean
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Jerk

Level 1 - 12 Minute AMRAP with an empty bar or a bar with 2-10's on it.  
"DT" is Rx'd at 155/105

Competitor HW:
1a) 3 sets of 40 second Hollow Holds on fingers and toes
1b) 3x12 Glute Ham Raises


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