"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" - EPISODE 2 "THE DARK PLACE CALLS YOU"

We rarely train this dynamic in CrossFit.  We will, for the first time at Wingman, be performing the exact same workout for 2 days in a row.  Here is your challenge for Day 2 ... 1) Go faster in your best round than yesterday.  2) Have a lower average time for all 5 rounds.  Good luck everyone.  

Perform each round for time at 100%, rest as needed between rounds

5 Rounds
40yd Sled Push (Lo/Hi) @ 135/90
12 burpees
6 Slamball Ground 2 Overhead @ 80/50

Level 1 - Hi handle only
Level 3 - Slamball @ 100/80 and add 2 Muscle-ups at the very end of the rd.  


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