Strict Press (from floor)

5 sets across of 7 + 4 push press

**same weight as last week’s sets across

***if you missed last week, work to a conservatively heavy set.


Immediately after each of the 5 work sets, perform the following:

Crossover Symmetry @ Eye Level

10 x Snow Angel @ 10,5, or 3lb

10 x Pulldown @ 25, 15, or 10lb 



12 Minute AMRAP (6 Rd Cap):

3 Back Squats (70%)

6 Burpees

15 yd Seal Walk or 40 yd Bear Crawl


**Squats from the rack.  If there are more than 12 people in class, team up with someone close to you in strength and set the bar up as a percentage of the lower 1RM back squat in the pair.  



6 Min @ consistent pace

10 yd Handstand Walk

4 Muscle Ups + Ring Dip


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