Holiday Hours - 

Wednesday: Regular Morning Classes, Evening Open Gym from 5pm-7:45pm, as well as 6pm Barbell Club
Thursday (Thanksgiving): 9am WOD
Friday (Black Friday): 9am WOD, 9:30am Barbell Club & 5:30pm WOD
Saturday: Back to Regular Classes



2 Rds, 2.5 minutes rest between rounds

2.5 Min AMRAP At Each:



10 Hollow Rock & 10 Snow Angel (AMRAP)

Sled Walk, Heel to toe 45/empty

10 Hip Thrust @ 65/35 & 10 V-Up (AMRAP)



**Hip Thrust - back on a bench, barbell in the hip, lower the hip and then drive it upward.  also called hip raises.  


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