Front Squat 5x3 building
Tempo: 3 sec down, 2 sec in the bottom, explode up
FInish 5#s heavier than last week

EMOM 24 minutes
Min 1: 6-8 pull overs
Min 2: :30 sec stationary handstand hold
Min 3: 4-6 ice cream makers
MIn 4: 15 yd seal walk

Min 1: 6-8 Strict straight leg raises
Min 2: 10-12 kick up to handstand
Min 3: :30 sec chin over bar hang
Min 4: 10 yd seal walk

You will perform either A or B but will only scale down from B.  

Comp HW:
Bench Press 3x10 across, add 2.5-5#s to last week

20 minutes on the Assault Bike
Maintain no fewer than 50/40 RPMs for the entire 20 minutes


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