The focus of each Monday for the next four weeks will be the backsquats.  More time will be allotted to allow for sufficient rest between sets and to allow for quality movement.  The next four weeks will be HEAVY.

Backsquat 5x5 Across
Warm up to the weight you finished at in the third week of this cycle and complete all work sets at that weight
Follow each set immediately with 5 box jumps

EMOM 7 mins
5 clean and jerks 135/95
5 bar facing burpees

Comp HW:
Strict press 5x3 building
Strict weighted pull ups 5x3
If you don't have pull ups yet, complete 5x3 of 6 second negatives

2 rounds
40yd carry 100# slamball in belly
5 rope climbs, legless if possible
40yd farmer carry 135 each hand
5 rope climbs, legless if possible


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