Clean Deadlift + Clean + Front Squat + Jerk
Build to a Heavy Complex


12min EMOM
min1: 200m Row
min2: 50 Double Unders
min3: 0.4mile Assault Bike
min4: 50 Double Unders
***If you cannot complete the work in the allowed minute, do your best and move on when the minute is up.

Comp HW

BPS Day 12
10 Reps, 2 Sets, 1 Minute Rest - Shoulder Tap Push-Ups
80 Meters (1 turf lap), 3 Sets Each Arm, 1 Minute Rest Between Arms - 1 Arm Farmer's Carry with weight you established an 80-100 meter max during testing
2 Sets, 10 Reps, 1 Minute Rest - Upper Extremity Nerve Floss
Nerve Floss (

2 Round SPRINT or 3 Rounds alternating SPRINTS with a partner (3 rounds each)
15cal Assault Bike
20m Empty Yoke Carry
6 Slamballs over the Yoke 100/80
20m Empty Yoke Carry
***If you have not used the yoke before take a few practice laps.
Make sure to place your hands at about chest height on the uprights to prevent any swaying.


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