Back Squats
4 sets of 5 across
start at 75% of 1RM
Target a 5lb increase each week


6 Rounds
10 Toes to bar
20m Sprint
10 Hang Power Clean 95/65
20m Sprint

6 rounds
10 Toes to bar
10m Handstand Walk
10 Hang Power Clean 135/95
10m Handstand Walk

Comp HW

BPS Day 25
-Muscle Clean - 110% of your 5RM, 5 reps, 4 sets, 2 minute rest
-1 arm Overhead Squat - 100% of your 1-5RM that you established in testing, 5 reps, 3 Sets per arm, 1 minute rest between arms
-Pull Up Bar Hang - Accumulate 2 minutes on a running clock, record time to accomplish including rest. If you completed this in over 5 minutes last week use a light band to assist you this week. If you were able to complete this in under 3 minutes last week, add a weight between 25 and 50 pounds that will make completing the task in under 3 minutes doable but difficult.

4 x 1min SPRINTS on the rower (record total distance) Rest 2mins in between each sprint


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