Push Press
5 sets of 5 across
Start at 70% of 1RM
Target a 5-10lb increase each week

Partner WOD

Tag-Team Kalsu
17min EMOM
5 Burpees each
Max Rep Thrusters 95/65 for the remainder of the minute

Do the burpees at the same time and then alternate on the thrusters as needed.
L3: Thrusters 135/95

Comp HW

BPS Day 26
-Behind the Neck Press 110% of 10RM, 9 Reps, 4 sets, 1-2 minute rest
-Bench Supported Row - 95% of your established 8-10RM from last week for the same number of reps, 4 sets each arm, 1 minute rest between arms.

4min AMRAP
8 Cals on Rower
4 burpees over the rower


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