24min EMOM
Min 1: 20 Cal Assault Bike
Min 2: 15 KB Swings 55/35
Min 3: 5 Muscle ups (Bar or Ring)
Min 4: 20m Shuttle Recovery Jog

Everyone must start at Minute 1. Try to share assault bikes with someone of similar height.
Minutes 1-3 are intended to be done at 85-95% precieved effort.
Minute 4 is a leisurely jog to flush the system and get ready to go again.

L1: 15 cal assault bike, Lighter KB Swings, Jumping bar muscle ups or toe spot ring muscle ups
L3: 25 cal Assault Bike, KB Swings 70/55

Comp HW

3 Rounds NFT
10 Reverse Hyper
10(each leg) KB Single Leg Deadlift 55/35

20 cal Row
6 Power Cleans 155/105


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