Happy National Coffee Day  ***NOW AVAILABLE***

Wingman Smooth Brew Coffee is now available at CrossFit Wingman.  Grab a 16oz cup for the road or fill your 64oz growler to take some home.   All of the profits will go toward a 1 week Health Camp in 2017 for teenagers, educating them on the connection between health, fitness, sport, and life.  

Benefits of Cold Brew: 1) stays well in the fridge for later consumption 2) can be iced or hot 3) incredibly smooth flavor that doesn't need sugar or cream.  


Pair up & Alternate between the 2:


A) Bench Press

3-3-3-3-3, building to a conservatively heavy set


B) One Arm Row (crossover may be used at chest level up to 58 lbs )

8-10 reps, across




8 Minute AMRAP

15m Plate Overhead Walking Lunge @45/25

15m Plate Push @45/25

10 Hang Squat Clean @ 65/35


L1: non-weighted walking lunges & bear crawl

L3: 95/65 (Level 3 if your hang squat clean is 200/150+)



Comp Hw:

3 Rds

5 Muscle Ups, ring

10 Cal Assault Bike


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