For minutes 1-24 choose from A, B or C. A is more advanced, C more fundamental, B somewhere in the middle. Minutes 25-32 everyone completes together. The focus of all the work is FOR QUALITY. 

Min 1-8 Beat swing practice

A) 5 ring swings

B) 5 hip to bar

C) 5 :01sec pause beat swings


Min 9-16 Handstand practice

A):30s freestanding handstand

B):30s belly to wall handstand hold

C):30s 45* handstand hold


Min 17-24

A)3 strict C2B

B)3 strict pull ups

C) :10s negative


Min 25&29 :40s hollow hold

Min 26&30 :40s side plank L

Min 27&31  :40s arch hold

Min 28&32 :40s side plank R


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