20 Rep Max Back Squat

***warm up with sets of 4's.  Use your best judgement based on how everything feels and choose a target for your 20 reps.  You get one shot.....  ONE SHOT!!! So make it count and give it your all.  The weight you choose might be 1 lb better than your last set or it might be 20 lbs heavier, go with your gut and talk to your coach if you're unsure.  Do not fear failure! If it happens, at least you went for it and we'll have an idea where to land in the future when/if we do it again based on how far you got.  Kill it Wingmen!!!! 




Thrusters @ empty bar

Slamball @ 40/20


Homework - After Class

Mobility Session - 2 min each side in pigeon, 2 min per side in banded sampson, Accumulate 1-2 minutes in Toes 2 Floor Overhead hold (come in and out of this one as necessary for breathing)... make sure to play the successful 20 rep back squat over and over in your head with hearts in your eyes. 





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