Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Wednesday: Regular Morning Classes, Evening Open Gym from 5pm-7:45pm, as well as 6pmBarbell Club
Thursday (Thanksgiving): 9amWOD
Friday (BlackFriday): 9am WOD, 9:30am Barbell Club & 5:30pmWOD

Saturday:Back to Regular Classes



Back squat

5x5 across

add 5# to last week  



Gymnastic EMOM 24 min  

min 1-8 Levers  

A) 3 ice cream makers

B&C) 3 banded front levers  


 min 9-16 Core

min 9&13 :30s hollow hold

min 10&14 20 hollow rocks

min 11&15 10 pike compressions

min 12&16 :20s L sit hold


min 17-24 Pull ups

A) 4 strict chest to bar

B) 4 strict pull ups

C) 4 assisted pull ups with partner  


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