...and Thursday Night Viewings

Every year the CrossFit Games come around and we use it as an opportunity to get the Wingman community together.  It's a worldwide competition we participate in for fun and community.  The format of the Friday Night classes (530 & 645) will be a little different for the next 5 weeks.  We encourage as many people who can make it to come for the evening classes and participate in the workout as we run everyone through heats. Can't get there until 630...no problem, we'll get you in a heat.

What is the CrossFit Games Open?  CrossFit HQ programs 5 workouts, one each week, for the entire CrossFit community for the purpose of finding the fittest humans in the world to move to the next stage.  They announce the WODs on Thursday night, and then we will perform these workouts every Friday as the workout of the day.  If you are not registered for the open and you come in on a Friday, you will still get to do the open workout and scale them to your needs.  And everyone is welcome to participate in the Friday Night Lights, registered or not.  

Thursday Night Viewings - 8PM after classes.  We'll gather up and toss the workout announcement up on the tv.  There are some really great athletes set to perform the open workouts at a moments notice.  They have no idea what the workout is until it's announced, and then they have to do it immediately.  Super fun to watch, and to hang out with your fellow wingmen.  bring your own drinks if you would like to sip'n'watch.

It all starts this Thursday and Friday :) See you there.


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