Morning classes canceled! Stay safe in the coming storm! 

Home WOD

Tabata=20s work/10s rest for 4 min

Tabata handstand hold

rest one minute

Tabata plank hold

rest one minute

Tabata bottom of squat hold


Regular programming  


Bench press

4x8 across

Add 2.5-5#s to last week

Follow each set with

6 90/90

8 snow angels  



Death by hang clean 135/95

Perform one rep the first minute, two reps the second minute, three the third and so on until you can't complete the reps for the minute. 


Comp HW

Ring dips  

3x ME @ 80% of 3RM

EMOM 12 min

odd: 12 DBOHS 50/35 alt. arms each minute

even: 3-5 bar muscle ups


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