4 Minute AMRAP


(burpee + clean + thruster)


-then immediately-


6 Minute AMRAP

Row (distance) - off the rower at 10


Rest until the 18 minute mark:



12/8 Assault Bike (cal)

12 Dumbbell Stepover @ 20"

16 Dumbbell Deadlift


Score 1 = # of manmakers

Score 2 = distance rowed

Score 3 = total # of reps 


Notes for Athlete: 

Use the same Dumbbell the whole way through. 


Challenge yourself with the weight of the dumbbells, go a little heavier than you probably think you should.  A prescribed weight for this would be 50/35.  


Notes for Coach:

Heat 2 starts at 6/24 minutes

Heat 3 starts at 12/32 minutes

(16 athletes in 2 heats, 24 athletes for 3 heats)


Substitutions and scales can be made for anything as long as it is repeated exactly the same way and the stimulus remains the same.

Comp HW

Power Clean + 2 Jerks

4 x 1 Across Start at 65% of 1RM C&J

5-10lb increase each week

Jerk can be performed however you like


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