Bench Press
x Rep Scheme - 5 x 8-10, across @50-60% ... add 5-10lbs to last week.
x Bench is not the focus for the day, finishing your sets is more about accumulating volume than challenging your strength. 

“Not Your Grandpa’s” One Arm Row - AKA. “Kroc Row”

x These puppies are expected to be heavy!!! If you can complete 2 rows without getting your body into it.... then it’s not heavy enough. Feel free to stand on a 45lb plate and use a farmer’s handle so that you can load enough weight.

x Rep Scheme - 5 x 12 across @ 100%+ of your standard one arm row 1RM... add 5# to last week.



7 Minute AMRAP

6 Box Jumps @ 30/24

12 KB Swings @ 55/35

***When the buzzer sounds, go out for a 600m Run NOT FOR TIME


Homework - Before the start of the class strength/skill work

65 Unbroken Double Unders, no more than 2 attempts

Snatch - briskly work up to a Triple Power Snatch at 70-75%


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